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The formal process of accepting delivery of a product or a deliverable. 
The smallest self-contained unit of work used to define the logic of a project. In general, 
activities share the following characteristics: a definite duration, logic relationships to other 
activities in a project, use resources such as people, materials or facilities, and have an 
associated cost. 
Activity Definition
Identifying the specific activities that must be performed in order to produce project 
Activity Duration
Activity duration specifies the length of time (hours, days, weeks, months) that it takes to 
complete an activity. This information is optional in the data entry of an activity. Work flow 
(predecessor relationships) can be defined before durations are assigned. Activities with zero 
durations are considered milestones (milestone value of 1 to 94) or hammocks (milestone 
value of 95 to 99). 
Activity Duration Estimating
Estimating the number of work periods that will be needed to complete the activity. 
Activity File 
A file containing all data related to the definition of activities on a particular project. 
Activity ID 
A unique code identifying each activity in a project. 
A network where activities are represented by a box or a node linked by dependencies. See 
also Precedence Diagram Method. 
Activity Status
The state of completion of an activity. A planned activity has not yet started. A started 
activity is in progress. A finished activity is complete. 
Actual Cost 
The cost actually incurred. 
Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP) 
The sum of costs actually incurred in accomplishing the work performed. 
Actual Direct Costs
Those costs specifically identified with a contract or project, based upon the contractor’s cost 
identification and accumulation system. See also Direct Costs. 
Actual Dates
Actual dates are entered as the project progresses. These are the dates that activities really 
started and finished as opposed to planned or projected dates.

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