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مقالات IEEE علی رضا قدسی 1395/09/17 دسته بندی : برق و الکترونیک و مخابرات 0
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Two-dimensional (2D) materials such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides and phosphorene have emerged as brand new photonic materials with huge potential in a variety of optical applications in recent years, due to their unique properties and multiple functions. Owning to the significantly increased surface to volume ratio in the atomic thin layered structure, the interactions between 2D materials with light become remarkably strong in either elastic or inelastic interactions. Most of previous studies were focused on the inelastic interactions between 2D materials with light, namely Raman and photoluminescence properties. However, we found the elastic interactions between them and light are also very attractive. Based on the properties discovered, we demonstrated several optical applications, such as atomically thin optical lenses and gratings. On the other hand, we found the inelastic interactions with light in the 2D limitation affected a lot by the external environment, which could serve as a unique method to control the working status of the optical devices to meet multiple application needs. Several progresses were demonstrated such as control of excitons and trions in few-layer MoS2 via the co-modulations by both temperature and electric field and the defect engineering by oxygen plasma etching to stimulate new photon emission.

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